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Frequently asked questions

How do I care for the mat on a regular basis?

Our easy care, antibacterial mats just need a wipe down daily with a soft damp cloth and/or disinfect weekly with our anti-microbial cleaning spray. Refrain from using harsh chemical based cleaning agents or baby wipes as it might damage our mats.

What do I do when I first receive the product?

Our soft & thick mats are of superb quality but they are not indestructible! Please treat them with kindness.


Unwrap packaging and keep it away from children. Creases and curled over corners are a result from being rolled up tightly in the packaging box for a period of time.We recommend you unroll your play mat out in the reverse direction it was rolled. This will encourage the mat to relax and flatten quicker. Allow the mat to rest on a flat surface, and let it breathe for a couple of days. The curls or creases (if any) will naturally subside in 2 week's time. Keep the velcro straps in a safe place, they are very handy when wanting to transport or store the mat.Wipe down with a soft damp cloth.Please note - A slight yellowing discolouration may be present around the edges of light coloured mats. This occurs because of a heat-sealing process. This is characteristic of the product and not a fault.

Where are the playmats made from and are they safe for my children?

They are responsibly manufactured in China. Independently tested against the strictest international toy safety standards of European safety compliance - EN71(EU) and contain no lead or harmful chemicals.

What should I take note of?

• It is of TPU material (polyurethane) nature to discolour slightly. We refrain from using colour stabilisers to ensure our play mats are free from harsh chemicals. You may notice slight yellowing along the play mats edges and in areas where there may be white, this is considered normal behaviour for our eco-friendly TPU foam. Heat and exposure to sunlight will encourage this process. Leave the play mat out of direct sunlight when not in use and kindly refrain from using it outside in extreme temperatures. Our mats have been designed for indoor use, but can be enjoyed on the short occasional outdoors. 

• Avoid sharp and rough objects as they can tear the outer layer of the mat.

• Avoid using marker pens or permanent markers.

• Avoid hot substances or vessels containing hot substances. Not intended for outside use. (At your discretion on a nice smooth surface; they can of course be used for short periods outside. Do note definitely not on rough surfaces such as rocks, sticks or rough concrete).

• Not recommended for pets as they can cause damage with sharp claws. (At your own discretion, as some dogs and cats are absolutely fine using our play mats. However some cats will use them for scratch poles and some playful dogs with long sharp claws can pierce the outer layer).

• Not suitable for washing machines or steam cleaning. (There is absolutely no need to! Simply wipe clean.)

• Avoid placing heavy furniture on your mat for prolonged periods as it could cause indentations.

My play mat’s edges are curled, when will it flatten?

Rest assure any creased lines will settle flat. To make the process a little quicker here are a couple of handy tips you may like to try! Use the mat on the reverse side (curling down) until the mat settles, up to two weeks. Roll the play mat in the reverse direction to how it was packaged, use the elastic straps provided to hold it in position and leave it over night or longer, if possible. Then lay on a flat surface.

What sizes are your play mats?

We have two sizes available. 

• Family - 200 x 140 cm

• Petite - 100 x 140 cm